Smart subscription billing from Publir

From the leading ad solution for smart publishers, Publir subscriptions allows your readers to pay a small price each month for a clean, ad-free experience.

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Why Monetize With Subscriptions?

Publir believes that quality writing, informed opinion and compelling photos are worth quite a lot. Your readers think so, too. Subscriptions allow your most loyal users to enjoy a better experience, while others see beautiful premium ads.

Build a Lasting Relationship With Readers

Users who enjoy and support your website tend to share more content on social media and tell their friends.

Diversify And Strenthen Your Revenue Channels

Publir Subscriptions allows you to monetize quality content independently of the ad market

We Make It Easy To Use Subscriptions

With simple implementation, holistic analytics, and the renowned guidance of the Publir team, Subscriptions couldn't be easier.

Step 1

Once approved, our onboarding team will help you implement the solution on your desktop, tablet, and mobile sites in less than an hour.

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Step 2

We'll help you define monthly and annual price points, and determine how to message your potential subscribers.

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Step 3

Sit back and relax. We handle billing and customer service, and our technology will instantly remove ads for subscribers only.

About Us

Founded in 2011, Publir builds software and services for content creators on the open web. Trusted by some of America’s most respected websites, Publir platforms include Ads, Subscriptions, and Fundraisers. Learn more at